Aug 19, 2013

encryption problem

Hi. I have a samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0, android v 4.1.1. I can install and download apps. If I encrypt the device I can not download any apps, play store stuck at downloading. If I try to install via browser, I have the message congratulations your application will be installed on your device but nothing is installed. If I decrypt the device everything works ok. Have you experienced the same thing? I called samsung support, they said they have not encountered this problem before :(. I have to encrypt the device, its company requirement but I also need to download applications when device is encrypted. Thank you.

If it's not working properly, I'd consider returning it. It seems that it should be able to download apps despite the encryption. Check your warranty and support agreement, and take it back if you can. Samsung should be able to fix or replace it.

Hmmm, there was a problem with installing many apps from the Play Store related to encryption on 4.1 devices, but I thought it was resolved a year or so ago. So I have heard of a similar problem, but I don’t know what would be causing you to experience it now. The two things I can suggest are to install a file manager and see if you can find the files, so you at least know whether they are actually being downloaded. The second thing would be to sign up for an account at android central and visit the Galaxy Tab forums.

I don’t have a Tab, so I don’t specifically know that forum, but most of the forums are pretty active, and there are usually some knowledgeable people around, so someone may be able to help. Sorry I can’t offer anything more specific, but I hope you get it figured out. Good luck! 

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