Aug 16, 2013

How to determine whether SEO efforts are working?

What are the most effective measures of whether or not SEO is working? I know traffic is one important metric, but what else should you look at?

Best Practices for Measuring SEO Success

"An important element in any SEO campaign is the ability to adjust strategy based on actual results. Tracking the right data is essential not only to show the value of the investment and effort in a campaign but also to help refine the campaign for even better results.

In order to implement results-based actions within an SEO or marketing campaign it’s important that the right metrics are recorded and analyzed. All campaigns are unique and have varying goals. It’s vital, therefore, to identify the performance indicators that lead to those goals. Believe it or not, there are still SEO “experts” that gauge performance solely on organic traffic and/or (even worse) rankings. Unless the one and only purpose of a website is to generate traffic in order to sell advertising space, a much deeper analysis into the SEO performance is needed.

Of course, rankings and traffic are still important metrics to track, but to truly be successful, measurement must go much deeper."

Here is an article that might give you some guidance. Hope it helps. 



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