Aug 13, 2013

Confirming A8 Quad Core or A9 CPU


I am no IT person not good at it, I bought a tablet on Amazon and it was advertised as CPU : Quad Core ARM - 4 x 1200MHZ (Max 4 x 1500MHz)
Graphics : GC1000
Touchscreen : 7" 1024 x 600 Multi point capacitive
Storage : 8GB
When the tablet arrived, the poorly written manual spec said it is an Arm Cortex A8 1.0Ghz - 1.5Ghz. I query the seller and he claim its is an Action ATM Cortex A9 CPU, Then he asked me to download Antutu benchmark but I am not convince how to do this. Could you help or advise?
He also claimed that that is the description from the factory who make it.

It seems to benchmark at around about the same as the Google Nexus tablet
which is a quad core so that doesn't seem unreasonable.

The benchmark apps analyse the tablet they are loaded on to and tell you the
exact spec etc


Install the Android System Info App or SystemPanel Lite Task Manager and you can see most of the hardware specs. That should clear it up. 

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