Aug 10, 2013

What are the biggest changes in Android 4.3?

What are the most significant changes/additions in Android 4.3 Jellybean?


Support for TRIM would be right up there.By effectively managing garbage collection (sort of)  and optimizing storage more efficiently, 4.3 devices should avoid most of the sluggishnes that develops over time on many Android devices.


Android 4.3 includes some security features lacking in previous versions of Google's mobile OS:


"Perhaps the biggest enhancement to Android with the release of 4.3 is the addition of restricted user profiles. This feature allows an Android owner who shares his or her device with others to control the usage of applications and other content. ...


"The new version of Jelly Bean includes an extension called SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux), a modification to the kernel that allows detailed mandatory access control policies."


Also, 4.3 reportedly extends battery life.





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