Aug 08, 2013

How to figure out destination of a shortened link without clicking it?

I don’t like to click on embedded links until I know where they are going to take me. With most, a mouse roll over will show the destination in a small pop-up at the bottom of the browser window, but that doesn’t work for links that have been shortened through tinyurl or a similar service. How can you figure out where those shorten links actually lead without clicking it and taking the risk that it will take you to a site that poses security risks?

You could go by the context of where you found it. If it's from an article on a trusted site, then its probably not going to be a problem. If you aren't sure about who is posting it, don't click on it. You are better off being cautious than clicking on something and risking a security problem or malware infection.

If you use Firefox, there is an extension called LongURL Mobil Extender that will show the actual destination in a pop-up. You can also use the longurl.org or unity.me websites, but you will have to copy and paste the link to see the destination site. 

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