Aug 08, 2013

Do you save your passwords in your browser?

Since Elliot Kember posted about the way the Chrome browser stores user passwords (plain text), there have been a flood of articles on the subject. Do you use the password save feature in your browser, and if so, will you stop after learning how they are stored?

I suppose it's not a great thing to do, but many people still do it and probably always will. I'd guess that Google will come out with some sort of security protection very soon for passwords in Chrome. As will other browser makes.

Yes, I figure that the physical security of my laptop is my responsibility, and I have other things that are just as critical as my passwords on it. The user can encrypt their drive and secure their data, including their passwords, if they so desire. Also, this is not just Chrome, Firefox stores passwords in the same way. Is it a concern: yes. Is it going to stop me from using browsers to store passwords: nope.

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