Aug 07, 2013

How to convert Excel sheet contact list to my Outlook profile


I was working on Excel for few years & saved my contacts in an Excel sheet & list of contacts is of about 2500 members. Now, when I am trying to move contacts list to my Outlook profile, it just not works. Problem comes when Outlook is supposed to do the mapping of the columns, it only results in one column.


Main issue:  Mapping of contact details is not done correctly. How to perform this task correctly with easy steps & not wasting much time?


Any kind of help is appreciable!! 

I have no idea about any way that directly imports the contacts from Excel sheet to Outlook. But if one is interested, he/she may try an easy manual trick for importing the contacts from Excel sheets to vCard format. After that, another manual trick needs to be performed for importing VCF to Outlook. As this is a manual trick, it would take enough time but provides 100% results as a third-party tool does. I can share a couple of blog posts here:

To import contacts from Excel to vCard, read this blog post:

And to import VCF to Outlook, read this blog post:

To quickly import multiple vCard files into Outlook, you need to merge them first into a single file. You can learn how to merge multiple VCF files in the blog post given above.

There are two file formats using them you can import your Excel contacts to MS Outlook. First is vCard (. vcf) and the second is a .csv format. So in the very first step you have to convert all your contacts from Excel to a csv or vcf file after that you can import resulting vCard or CSV contact to MS Outlook.

Follow steps as shown below:

1) Convert Excel Contacts to CSV or vCard

Export Contacts to CSV Format:

Open Excel file >> Click on “SAVE as” >> Select CSV (comma delimited) >> provide a name >> Click Save button

How to import contacts into Outlook from Excel

"If you have a list of contacts contained in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, it will not be readily accessible to Microsoft Outlook or to other programs that may access the Address Book. To overcome this obstacle, you can export and then import the list into Outlook by using the procedure in the "More Information" section of this article."

There are many, many software solutions for excel to outlook conversion; just do a Google search and you will see hundreds. Unfortunately, your question is going to bring the spammers out like ants at a picnic, each giving a link to their 3rd rate software. Think about it, if you have decent software, are you going to spam forums with links to a “buy it now” page? Of course not. 


As a rule, I never purchase anything from any company that spams forums, and I hope everyone follows that rule (1) prevent the spread of poor quality software, and (2) ensure that spammers do not profit from their efforts. 


Fortunately, Answers seems pretty well moderated, so most of the spam gets taken down pretty quickly here. 

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