Aug 06, 2013

When will the latest updates to Windows 8 Phone reach consumers?

Microsoft announced the rollout of some changes and features that sound like they will significantly improve the search experience on Windows Phones. The article I read was vague on the timeframe of the rollout though. Any idea when Windows Phone users can expect it?

Probably when they are ready. Heh, heh. Yeah, I hate waiting for software updates too, but we just have to sit tight until they arrive. Unless Microsoft announces a specific date, that's all that you can do. Patience is a virtue! ;)

As far as I know, a precise date was not revealed. Microsoft did narrow it down to “the coming weeks”, so take that for what you like. One positive note is that it seems that Microsoft will push out the update much like they do with Windows PC updates, and push the updates directly to devices instead of going through carriers. This is a nice improvement over the Android model, which has so many potential choke points for updates, that it often means some devices never receive updates at all. I'm not a Windows Phone convert, but I have to give Microsoft some credit for this update model.  

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