Aug 06, 2013

How inconvenient is 2-factor authentication?

I understand that it requires more effort (hence the “2” part of 2-factor). I don’t mind putting forth a little more effort, but do people find that it is worth it, or does the inconvenience outweigh the added security?

A minor inconvenience is much better than identity theft, or loss of data or money. So I don't mind it at all. I'd rather have things protected instead of vulnerable. Over the long run, it's WAY less of a headache for me.

It’s not all that inconvenient, honestly. To give you an example, I use it with my Google account. It requires the use of a cell phone, and when logging in on a new device Google will send a text with a 6 digit (if I recall correctly) code to my Android phone. The login process on the new device will ask for the code in addition to the password for the account. That’s pretty much it. Now obviously, this is specific to Google’s system, but the basic process will be the same. With the rise of smartphones and the ever tighter integration of my personal information and data, I think it is a prudent step, and worth the minor effort required. 

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