Jul 01, 2011

How long is HP willing to stick with WebOS even if it gains few customers?

The review doesn't look pretty: in the battle for which is the better tablet, the iPad2 handlily defeats the upstart HP Touchpad

But knowing that HP has committed to putting WebOS on their PC's as well as their mobile devices, does HP have the guts to stick it out for a year or two to wait for developers to bring a host of decent apps to WebOS? Or will the CEO

HP strikes me as a company that is a bit of a mess right now. Maybe they'll keep it, maybe they won't. It just seems like they don't have very strong leadership and don't have a sense of where they want to go. It's too bad as they had some interesting things to offer.

Apparently the answer is 27 days, give or take a few.


The whole purpose behind HP purchasing Palm was to obtain the WebOS platform, which is a mobile-optimized operating system (unlike Windows 7). HP has been planning on selling WebOS devices for nearly a year now, so the best guess is that they'll give it another year or two. A lot of folks forget that Compaq was in the smartphone business too, but they were never that successful with it. Maybe HP should buy RIM and put them out of their misery.


HP to buy RIM? That's a hoot. For as much of a blasting that RIM is taking in the media, they're still the number 3 seller of Smartphones worldwide. WebOS? That's just a pipe dream. Sure, HP is bigger than RIM but RIM has a lot more experience than Compaq ever had when it comes to delivering a secure, managed messaging platform for mobile execs.

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