Aug 01, 2013

How to disable TouchWiz on a Samsung Galaxy S4?

I've been look at a few different android phones, and I like the Galaxy S4, but I don't really like the TouchWiz interface that Samsung layers on top of android. Is there a way to disable TouchWiz and make it more like a "normal" android device?

how do you disable TouchWiz
Go to settings then swipe across the screen to more then Application Manager then select All. Scroll down to Touch wiz home then clear cache then clear defaults. Do the same for touch wiz easy home. DO NOT PRESS CLEAR DATA or that will get rid of all your icons and widgets on your home screens.
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How to disable TouchWiz on a Samsung Galaxy S4?
if you want to disable touchwiz on a samsung galaxy s4 on your andriod phone then go to the this site and read carefully to disable or optimise touchwiz ...


How do I disable TouchWiz for good
As wstark posted below, you need to root your phone and flash a new ROM to completely get rid of it. Otherwise, as wstark and walrusman also noted, you will be limited to disabling individual features. You can also install a different launcher.
Go on Settings>Application>Default Application>and tapping clear
I want it off my S5.
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What is the difference between normal and not normal android
In this question, what they mean by "normal" Android is pure Android as developed by Google, without the TouchWiz interface added by Samsung. Pretty much all manufacturers add their own proprietary UI/launcher to differentiate their devices from the competition, with the exception of phones sold in the Nexus line.

Somethings about this practice are good - it can add useful features and look pretty. However, it can also add unwanted features and slow down devices. This is the main complaint about TouchWiz; it adds a lot of features that hardly anyone will use and takes up system resources unnecessarily. To make matter worse, the OEMs make it practically impossible to remove their skins, at least without rooting and flashing a new ROM which many people don't want to do.
How to disable TouchWiz on Samsung Note 4.?

Yes ,there is a solution for you. The easiest way is to turn your Galaxy S4 into a Google Edition Phone , and with this method you have the priority to get the new android updates earlier than the TouchWIZ users ... Turn your phone into a Google Edition phone by this link ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlYPFxr2O2w... :D


The problem is in the calendar app.  First, trash the icons on yourhome screen and disable and calendar widgets.  Next go into your application manager and select the calendar app.  Force stop it, disable it, clear the data and the cache.  Do the same thing for the widget if it has an icon.  Basically, you do want anything with the calendar running or active.  You may need to resart your phone but I didn't.  As soon as I did all of the the stupid TouchWiz stopped popping up.  Good luck!!  Hope this helps.


The easiest way is to buy a Google Nexus product instead of Samsung. That way you get vanilla Android without all the junk installed by Samsung and other vendors.

The only way I know of is to root the device and flash a custom ROM. The way to avoid it in the first place is to buy the unlocked Google Play version, but you are going to have to ante up $649 for that. You can just turn off some features such as Motion and Air Gesture, but you can’t turn off TouchWiz. I think it is installed on the /system partition but I would have to check to be certain, and I don’t have an S4 nearby.

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