Aug 01, 2013

Does a 3G Microcell just convert a WiFi signal to a 3G signal?

AT&T offers a Cisco 3G Microcell to get “5 bar coverage in your home.” I thought it was a signal booster or repeater at first, but when I looked at it closer, it connects to your broadband internet. Also, AT&T charges standard 3G data usage rates while you are using a 3G Microcell connection. Is there something I’m missing here, or is AT&T selling a product that actually just converts the users WiFi to a 3G signal, then charges you for using your mobile device on your own network?

It seems to be something that would be useful for a small minority of ATT customers. I'm one, but I wouldn't have any use for this.

I do think it is a little unfair that AT&T still charges you for 3G data use when you are actually using your own broadband connection to access the network. 


Its not a converter. Its basically a mini cell tower. It plugs into your internet service and uses that to talk back to ATT. When you are at home any calls you make get routed from your phone > microcell ----internet--> ATT ---> phone network.  Its to plug gaps in ATT coverage caused by the structure or location of your house.

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