Jul 25, 2013

What exactly IS Chromecast?

I watched the YouTube promo video for Chromecast, the new device from Google that plugs into the HDMI port of a television. Ok so far. Then I see USB powered. Then it basically looks as if the people in the vid are pulling up content on their laptops and watching it on their TV. I do this with a HDMI cable all the time. Is that what Chomecast essentially is - a $35 wireless HDMI connection?


You can also get info on Google's Chromecast site.

There is a new article about Chromecast here on IT World that you might find interesting. It sounds like it would be worth $35 to me. 


Kind of, but not quite. It's more for watching Youtube videos and movies on Netflix, as well as from a few other services. You pull the video up and push it to that device, which in turn plays it on your TV without needing the HDMI cable - but it's not like setting up a second monitor.

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