Jul 22, 2013

Is IT hiring picking up?

It seems that the job market is looking better at the moment, but that’s just my impression based on my area. Is there any hard data that indicates whether this is actually true or not across IT?

I haven't looked at numbers for this, but my hope is that it is getting better. However, I temper that caution because the overall economy doesn't seem all that great, despite the government's rah-rah proclamations in the media.

One way to get an idea is to poke around some of the job sites and see what kind of IT jobs they are hiring for, especially if you are in the job market. Simply Hired, Dice, and Monster may give some clues about the hiring situation in a general sense.

I don’t know if I would call it particularly strong, but I would certainly say it is more stable than it has been over the past couple of years and looking better. This is supported by recent survey data from Computer Economics, which reported 43% of IT Departments are increasing staff this year, which is an improvement over the 40% in 2012 and 33% in 2011. The trend line is heading in the right direction, at least, judging from these numbers. 


There is conflicting data. Here are numbers from June that indicate an improving IT job market...


"IT hiring registered its highest net growth in five months, with modest gains in both telecommunications and data processing adding to the 18,200 tech positions brought on by U.S. companies in June, according to an analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs figures by IT hiring consultancy Foote Partners.


"In the separate federal job segments that represent IT careers, there was a net gain of 18,200 jobs, which was approximately 8,400 more jobs than were added in IT in May and the highest monthly gain since the first month of 2013. Foote Partners put the growth in the first half of 2013 at 43 percent higher than the rate of hiring over the first six months of 2012."


And then there's this:


"Challenger, an outplacement firm that tracks layoff trends, said tech firms announced plans to cut nearly 20,500 jobs in the second quarter of this year, a 144% increase from the 8,392 jobs cuts in the first quarter."






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