Jul 19, 2013

Can all Android devices access Google Play?

A neighbor just got a new tablet made by Archos. When he tried to get apps, he was forced to go to a site calls AppsLib, and couldn’t install apps through Google Play. I thought Google Play was THE source for Android apps. Are some Android devices unable to access it?

Hmm. Interesting, the answer you got from another person seems to confirm that not all devices can access Google Play. I guess that's understandable, if devices don't meet a certain standard then they might not be able to run Google Play apps. So Google has to have some sort of hardware standard or users might get angry.

Still, it also locks out people on these other devices. And that might make them angry too. It's sort of a no-win situation for Google. I guess that's what you get with Android these days.

No, OEMs have to go through Google certification to get their devices access to Play, and a lot of the 2nd tier manufacturers don’t do it. I don’t know if that is a cost or effort issue. Your friend should still be able to use app stores such as Amazon or getjar. Also, if he can find the .apk files online from the developer/publisher, he may be able to get apps through them. 


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