Jul 18, 2013

What's your file naming strategy?

I'm trying to get my group to standardize on a filenaming strategy that doesn't leave us wondering which is really the final version of a document. Curious what strategies others of you have come up with.

Folder and File Naming Convention – 10 Rules for Best Practice

"A free-for-all mentality is quite prevalent when it comes to the naming of electronic files and folders. The problem stems from the fact that there are no official standards or file naming and storage policies within most organizations. In such instances, management most likely has not taken the initiative to establish folder and file naming conventions that staff members could follow. Most employees will do what they think is best, but without the proper policies in place the results could be unpredictable and extremely costly. In the days of managing paper files and folders, best practices were in place to ensure that paper-based assets were properly filed to facilitate retrieval. So why not the same for electronic information assets?"

There is best practices guide from the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources that could be of help for you. They are more oriented to government organizations, but many of the concepts, such as avoidance of special characters in file names and using version numbers for edits and “FINAL” for the final version are good rules to follow whatever your line of work. 


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