Jul 18, 2013

What’s the best way to test a mobile web app?

For someone just learning app development, what’s the best tool for testing out a mobile app?

There is lot of tools help to check their application, which is correct or bad? I would like to suggest some other solution. Its see their testing functionality differently. If it is still not working properly, yourself not satisfied its testing or find some other solution. Feel free to come our website. We will scratch a website without fault.

In our company we use Ubertesters service - they provide all-in-one platform for mobile app testing, and we can also hire their testers in one click (only when we need them), it's very useful thing.


Anyhow, you can use their platform (I assume they have some free plans as well - http://ubertesters.com/plans/ ) even if you don't need testers - it will help you to manage the testing process, i.e. to distribute builds over-the-air, send bug reports from you mobile device (with a screenshot editing feature), generate reports, track sessions of other testers and so on. Recommended.


Selenium 2 offers both iphone and android testing. They are experimental.



Try the above links, hope it will be benefical for you. Mobile app field has seen a tremendously growth today. It is good to see that the users are using it in a right way.


Put it live in beta. get genuine user feedback. beta users understand that it might not be 100% and are more lenient. plus you get the product to market quicker and learn exactly what users want from your app.

The Best Tools for Mobile App Testing

"Although we recommend focusing on manual testing (i.e. real-world testing), that doesn’t render mobile testing tools like emulators and simulators totally useless – far from it. In fact, many companies prefer to test their applications on the desktop browser first, then moving on to search for device specific bugs. Done right, this can drastically reduce your testing time and effort.
That said, here are a few FREE tools to help you with your mobile testing objectives. "

I’d say a WebKit browser is a good option. It will let you resize your window to various different sizes to reflect different mobile devices, quickly make changes and test the results, ID errors in your code, etc

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