Jul 17, 2013

What are the most annoying website design decisions made by developers?

Website design is not something that I am great at, but I see some sites that clearly have been put together by more accomplished people than me with what I consider terrible design decisions. Example, I was just reading the LA Times, and clicked the tab to the tech section. Having a second, I thought I’d check my email in another browser tab. Suddenly, …..and loudly, some woman starts talking about something being great for children. After a few stress filled moments under the glare of my co-workers, I get the LA Times site closed and shut up. Auto-play video strikes again. I HATE it! Does anyone think this is actually a nice feature? Auto-play video ads are even worse, whenever one pops up, which is rare thanks to AdBlock, I instantly navigate away from the site. If it wasn’t for things like that I wouldn’t even use AdBlock, but because some advertising techniques are so invasive, I am essentially forced to block all advertising. Am I alone on this sort of thing? What else do sites do that is generally counter-productive?


I am agree on it that unusal videos and audio on a website or a background music that automatically starts, many a times annoy to the visitors. There should be a manaully controlled button on the website if having any video or audio. What to avoid while designing a website? read here http://blog.pixelcrayons.com/web/some-web-designing-mistakes-you-should-...


The whole auto-play ad thing would be more of a poor choice of who or what to use for advertising than a poor website design, but still very annoying. As for annoying website design I would say anything with flash or splash page before any actual content is displayed. The next annoying design are site that the sub-pages that don't fit the same theme as the front page or just overall theme. I use Firefox with NoScripts, along with AdBlock. NoScript takes some skill on what to allow or not, but definitely cuts ads and adds a bit more security.

I agree with Heyfoxe. I hate autoplaying videos or sound. Ugh. I'm out of there as soon as that crap starts. The slideshow thing is also really annoying.

Autoplaying video or audio are right up there with me too. Another one that I think is a mistake is click-through slideshows with no option to view all. I understand the desire to get more page views, but the result for me is that I'm likey to simply leave the site instead, therfore there are actually fewer page views. I would like to see some analytics with the same website trying both click-through and click-through with a “view all” option and see which was actually more effective, instead of relying on my personal likes and dislikes. 

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