Jul 17, 2013

Can I convert Exchange server emails into PDF format


Due to some reason (legal) I have a need to convert Exchange server emails into PDF file format. But I am unable to find any solution to convert Exchange server emails into PDF format.

You can convert Exchange EDB file to PDF. But first you need to export EDB file to PST via PowerShell cmdlet New-MailboxExportRequest then you can use Outlook plugin like cutePDF Writen to save PST file as PDF.
However, this procedure is a bit long and requires technical knowledge of PowerShell utility. If you want to convert EDB to PDF within few clicks then you can use a third party tool such as EDB Converter, For more info, visit: http://www.edbtopstoutlook.com/exchange-edb-converter.html

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If you haven't got manual solution to convert Exchange emails into PDF file format, then you can use this converter tool for converting Exchange emails into PDF acrobat format without losing any vital information. Get complete details here, http://www.recovery-tools.org/exchange-server-edb/


for converting emails directly from exchange server to pdf files there is not such inbuilt facility available.

But you can do the same task via Microsoft Outlook, as there many facilities that directly work with Outlook for creating emails in PDF format. You can download an in-built add-on from Adobe in MS Outlook (2007 only supported) this will be time consuming & effort-demanding. This how it works: Go to: FILE; PRINT; left click on your marked default printer > select ADOBE PDF > click on PRINTER; this will open a window "Save PDF File as".


Hope it helps! But if you need even more simple & time-efficient facility (that converts all mails into pdf files at once with correct details) then read its working-details here:





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If you still unable to find a professional EDB to PDF Conversion software which helps to convert Emails from Exchange server to Adobe Acrobat PDF file format with all attachments, in this situation I recommended you, try this EDB to PDF conversion tool it very help full to you. This software has more advance feature which provides extra security during conversion time get more detail about this application you can read this article:


This page might help:

Convert Microsoft Exchange emails to PDF

"If you are running Microsoft Exchange for managing emails, you can convert them directly from your mail server. Using Total Webmail Converter you can export Microsoft Exchange emails to PDF files, so you will be able to read your messages via handy PDF reader. Total Webmail Converter makes such conversions very simple for user, and it is one of the main advantages offered by this utility.

Other advantages include:

Batch conversion

Flexible PDF settings

Correct data export

Converting attached files/messages

Selective email conversion (specific fields)"


In this situation EDB to PDF software very helpful for you, this software has the ability to convert Exchange server email to PDF file format with all attachments. Through this software you can also convert password and encrypted emails to PDF format. With this EDB to PDF conversion software email conversion process is done safely and securely also 100% virus free.

  • EDB to PDF free demo version also available
  • EDB to PDF software must support all Exchange server version 5.0 to 2010
  • Easily Run this software without any complication
  • The software has the ability to handle all type error
  • This software also gives permission to select particular emails which you want to convert
  • This software gives much more facility



    Thanks Elle, your suggestion is very helpful to me. Your preferred tool (systools  edb to pdf converter) is outstanding !! its convert my stuff into pdf format in a single click. Thank u so much


    How do you like the idea of printing your emails as PDF using a PDF printer.

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