Jul 12, 2013

Is Puppy Linux a good “starter” distro?

Would Puppy Linux be a good version of Linux for someone who has little Linux experience? Thanks!

It worked for me. I put it on a series of older machines and had a lot of fun; I never returned to Windows after trying it once. I keep a few copies on usb drives for anyone who might care to try it. I have never had any problems running as "root" and it is very fast. I have various flavors of Ubuntu (including Mint) on the more powerful machines, but Puppy or Simplicity (a Puppy fork) are my favorites.

As a desktop workstation, I would go with Linux Mint or Ubuntu, both are fairly easy to learn for someone coming from a Windows enviroment. Puppy or DSL (Damn Small Linux) Linux distros are good if you happen to have an older machine with low memory. I'd recommend running Linux as a virtual machine, easy to go back and fourth between Windows and Linux.


"To err is human... to really foul up requires the root password." :)

It's definitely cute, but I'd go with Linux Mint instead. Puppy is more of a minimalist distro. It would work fine for some people, but not for those who a more full featured desktop environment. So give Linux Mint a shot. However, Puppy is still worth experimenting with, even if you don't use as your desktop distro.

 I know a couple of people that like it. I think it would be an excellent intro to linux. It is specifically intended to be easy to use. Bonus point for the cute puppy logo too!


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