Jul 12, 2013

Will “White Space” internet work with existing hardware?

I’ve heard about White Space internet that uses unused TV spectrum to provide internet connectivity to places that don’t have existing infrastructure, as well as free public access. Sounds great, but will this White Space internet be accessible with existing hardware, or will it require different radios in laptops, mobile devices, et at?

It doesn't sound like it from what I read on this page:

'First' prototype hardware built for broadband over IEEE's white space standard

"The IEEE published its 802.22 standard for white space broadband 18 months ago, and now a group comprising the NICT, ISB Corp and Hitachi Kokusai Electric (not to be confused with the other Hitachi) have built the "first" prototype hardware to make use of it. White space spectrum in the 470 to 710MHz range is expected to provide wireless internet to "underserved areas" and act as an emergency backup for downed systems, when infrastructure is finally up and running. "
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