Jul 09, 2013

How to disable start-up sounds on a Mac?

How can I make a Mac start-up without chiming at me every time? I know it’s a minor thing, but it’s like the princess and the pea for me - a little thing that annoys me to an irrational level.

How to Disable the Mac Boot Chime Completely

"If you’re a Mac owner you know that every time the Mac reboots or starts up it makes a startup chime sound. Though you can temporarily mute the chime by holding down the Mute key on any Mac keyboard, you can also choose to disable it completely by turning to the command line."

I guess you could hit the mute button on your keyboard each time you shut down. That would do it....assuming you remember to do it. There is an application called Psst that you can use to do it automatically, which suggest that you are not the only princess with a pea under their mattress, but apparently it doesn’t work for all Macs. You will have to give it a try and see if it is compatible with yours. www.satsumac.com

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