Jul 08, 2013

How to reset firmware password on Mac?

I decided to apply a firmware password for additional security when I got my new Mac recently. Even more recently, I managed to lose it. How can you reset the firmware password on a Mac?

You may have parental controlls installed. Seek a restraining order against the firm or watch den who put the exploit in on you if your firmware password changed spontaneously. Obviously this is aggrevated stalking crime.
Thanks IDG ANSWERS for finally allowing me to post this. OAuth and the Farce’Book Mafia have it so it takes 20 or 30 refreshes to get the twitter auth working, nice to have those a$$wholes working in uniform at the White House, but I digress..

The firmware password (in contest to the comment above) is reset almost any time the Mac reboots these days. A boot loader in general, has to mount each USB peripheral each time it loads or it couldn’t even see the bootable partition thus making it no longer a boot loader.

This terrible reality means that there is no way of knowing if the password entry screen is actually the legitimate password entry screen. This new and disturbing status quo has managed to create layers of onion skin bootloaded farce. The concept that Apple´s service centers are any better positioned in the new cloud onion linux we know as our os-os´s is also a rudimentary evaluation of the concept of booting a complex system of competing CPU to ram busses such as the linux rom chip battlefield that resides in capacitor charge retained daemons on your motherboard.

Even when your computer is off, there is competition for the device or set of latent device daemons first in line to lach your USB externals so they can augment their exploit and further deepen the layers of booted boot loaders. Good luck with this issue.

Use the Boot DVD... that usually has a Reset Firmware Passwrod Utility...

This article might help:

Bypass Mac Firmware Password

"Need to get around the boot level Mac firmware password? You can bypass a firmware password by doing a little bit of a hardware hack. "

Sorry pal, you are going to have to either (1) find your password, or (2) suck it up and go through Apple to reset it. If you think about it, that’s the only way a firmware password would make any sense. Otherwise, a miscreant could just reset it whenever they wished and gain access. Kind of like the screensaver password on a Mac.

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