Jul 08, 2013

How to reset firmware password on Mac?

I decided to apply a firmware password for additional security when I got my new Mac recently. Even more recently, I managed to lose it. How can you reset the firmware password on a Mac?


Use the Boot DVD... that usually has a Reset Firmware Passwrod Utility...

This article might help:

Bypass Mac Firmware Password

"Need to get around the boot level Mac firmware password? You can bypass a firmware password by doing a little bit of a hardware hack. "

Sorry pal, you are going to have to either (1) find your password, or (2) suck it up and go through Apple to reset it. If you think about it, that’s the only way a firmware password would make any sense. Otherwise, a miscreant could just reset it whenever they wished and gain access. Kind of like the screensaver password on a Mac.

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