Jul 02, 2013

Could Bebo make a comeback?

Bebo, the Facebook like social media network before there was Facebook, has been reacquired by its founder, who sold it to AOL for $850 million in 2008. Repurchase price - 1 million. Nice $849 million dollar profit, I must say. Could Bebo actually become relevant again now that it is out of AOL’s hands?

I never heard of Bebo. There's so much competition now in that space, I can't see much demand for yet another social networking service.

Doubtful. MySpace is regaining some popularity, Google+ is becoming nearly as ubiquitous as Facebook, and younger users are trending towards Twitter and Instagram. Relatively few people even remember that Bebo was once bigger than Facebook, and it is going to be a hard sell in a crowded marketplace. I don't see anything compelling to differentiate it from the established competition.

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