Jul 01, 2013


I've been a subscriber for months. Why dop the slideshows never work?

I have the same issue with these slideshows. I can see the first two slides then the "Next" button does nothing. I've been able to replicate the issue on IE 11, Firefox and Chrome. My system is fully patched and running the latest versions of each browser. This is not a "new" problem either... I just found this forum in a Google search.
If liam's situation is anything like mine, the new slideshows will appear normal at first, and then when you click Next you'll get the 2nd slide, but then you're stuck. If you click Next it just stays on that page. You can't go Back either. On my PC it happens on IE 9 and 10, and Firefox, and Chrome. I have to go home to see the slideshows. I've complained about this more than once on the InfoWorld site.
Are you using an older version of Internet Explorer by any chance? IE6 and IE7, for example, aren't supported by our slideshow tool.

Any other information you can give us about your setup, like what browser you're using and what device you're accessing the site from, will help us troubleshoot.

Also, can you explain what you mean by "don't work"? Do they not load at all or are you unable to move from slide to slide?

Amy Bennett
Managing Editor, ITworld

I’m not sure what is causing the problem for you. Maybe an adblocker or similar browser extension is causing issues? I have noticed an occasional hiccup on some sites, including large ones such as IT World or Wired, when using Chrome. I have switched over to Firefox (or closed and restarted my Chrome browser) when this has happened to me. Not the most elegant solution, but it worked for me.  

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