Jun 29, 2013

Is Ouya a legitimate choice for a next gen console?

This is that rare and wonderful time that occurs once, maybe twice a decade - all the major home consoles are moving to the next generation. But then there is Ouya. It costs literally hundreds of dollars less than the next least expensive option, Wii U, and has a compelling story of coming to market to boot. Now that it has finally been released, can it really compete with the Big Three - Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo? How good - or not - is it?

I doubt it, I think it's doomed. People have gravitated toward mobile devices, why bother with yet another console? There are already too many of them. I can't see the appeal of this one.

Honestly, I haven’t played it in person, but I’ve played many Android and iOS titles.. I would like to pick an Ouya up, and I think it is a great idea. BUT.....no, it is not the same. For a major console release, development costs an average of ~$20 million or so. For a blockbuster, major effort that figure occasionally approaches $100 million. Ouya is offering Android games that were developed at a fraction of that expense, and will not have the scope and polish of a major console title. That’s not to say the games can’t be enjoyable and clever, but they are not in the same league. You are much more likely to find a physics based puzzle game on Ouya, instead of a massive (and fantastic) title like The Last of Us. Again, I’m not trying to be negative about Ouya, and there will be fun to be had, but if you get one expecting the equivalent of an Xbox One (or 360 or PS3), you will probably be sorely disappointed.

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