Jun 28, 2013

Does Microsoft Security Essentials provide good protection, or is third party antivirus software necessary?

How good is Microsoft Security Essentials? Is that all you need to adequately protect a PC, or should other antivirus software be installed?

2 days ago
I think, Microsoft Security Essential is not enough for virus protection, each and every day there are millions of threats are evolving and there are some unknown files and unknown threats. So we need to have some very good third party best antivirus tool. If you are in SMB, You need to have end to end point protection. check this website https://enterprise.comodo.com/security-solutions/endpoint-protection/

If the web sites you visit are familiar and reliable, you need nothing else.  Security Essentials works great, third party software bloats the system, eats ram.  If you must use Windows, use the Google Chrome browser, which has it's own security features.

I wouldn't rely on it, I'd add a third party application instead. However, you might also want to consider dumping Windows altogether and moving to Linux or OS X. That eliminates all of the Windows viruses completely.

 It hasn’t been doing too well in recent independent test, and during an experiment for an Ars Technica article, it was woefully ineffective at detecting the malware they installed. As in 0% effective. These things ebb and flow, and some years, Security Essentials does well in testing, other years not so well. This seems to be one of those not so well periods. I would consider Avast or AVG  instead of Security Essentials.

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