Jun 28, 2013

What happens when Microsoft ends support for Windows XP?

I know that official support is ending, but what impact does that actually have if use continues after “the end”?

At this point, I think it's time to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8, OS X or Linux. I'd use the occasion to figure out if you really want to stay with Windows at all. Linux or OS X are both great alternatives.

Nothing really.  That is Microsofts biggest fear.  Some 35% of computers connected to the internet still run XP.  When the end comes, windows update will stop updating, nothing else.


Will those 35% move to Windows (Whatever) or will they retire their desktop and buy an iPad, or install a Linux Distribution that is supported for free or do nothing.  My bet is on do nothing while ever the machine still works.


The first major malware that exploits XP vulnerabilities and turns peoples XP PCs into a brick or a Bot in some network might frighten some into moving. Others will scream that Micrisift did not make the software correctly and they are due a refund after 10 years. If it was a car with a defect that may injure there would be calls for a recall.


In the end XP will go away, but Micrisift supporting or not supporting it will not speed that by one day.




I don't think it is a problem, and at the last people will finally use win 7 or win 8. And now almost all the new PCs are based on win 7 and win 8, the ending time of XP is coming.


Nothing good. Any newly identified vulnerabilities will not be patched for starters. Time to move on. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/business/retiring-xp.aspx


i'm worried about this too. i this the windows xp may not update and it may become out ot date as time goes on. i think it is convenient but it seems that we have to change to window 7 or others. 

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