Jun 26, 2013

Need sugessitions on Hadoop Admin

This Suneel working as Sr.Quality Assurance(Manual tester), i would like to change my job profile to DBA side. I heard that current hot technology is "Hadoop" and while google it got the information like it is mostly related to programmers, but i didn't have any programming knowledge. Can any one please tel me is the Hadoop only for programmers and is this suitable for my profile?? What are the prerequisite to be become as Hadoop DBA/Admin?? What are the roles and responsibilities for Hadoop DBA/Admin?? How will be the career for Hadoop DBA/Admin?? Is there any good technology other than hadoop?? Please help...

General operational expertise such as good troubleshooting skills, understanding of system’s capacity, bottlenecks, basics of memory, CPU, OS, storage, and networks.
Hadoop skillslike HBase, Hive, Pig, Mahout, etc.
The most essential requirements are: They should be able to deploy Hadoop cluster, add and remove nodes, keep track of jobs, monitor critical parts of the cluster, configure name-node high availability, schedule and configure it and take backups.
Good knowledge of Linux as Hadoop runs on Linux.
Familiarity with open source configuration management and deployment tools such as Puppet or Chef and Linux scripting.
Knowledge of Troubleshooting Core Java Applications is a plus.

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Even I wan't to know about hadoop admin which will be good hadoop Big Data training or Hadoop admin training?



You might want to check out the Hadoop Admin Guide:


Check out the Hadoop Administrator job listings on Glass Door to see qualification requirements, etc.


There is no question that Hadoop is hot. It is a Java based system, so you should have familiarity with Java. There is a fairly comprehensive Hadoop tutorial on Yahoo that should give you a basic overview of what it can do, and what you need to be able to do. Good luck. http://developer.yahoo.com/hadoop/tutorial/index.html

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