Jun 21, 2013

Does Google Glass have a future as a BYOD device?

Will enterprise embrace Google Glass when it sees a general release? It’s the kind of thing that I could see a few people I know wanting their companies to support, but I can’t think of many (if any) needs it fills for businesses. Is there even any effort to penetrate the business market with Glass?


I doubt many businesses will allow Google Glass. I suspect it will be heavily restricted if they do.


Fundamentally Glass is a consumer oriented product. I know that there are some enterprise focused applications under development although I don’t recall many specifics. There are definitely some business related uses I can think of off the top of my head. Schematics could be viewable using glass while repairing electronic components. There are many times when I’ve been working on vintage cars that I would have loved to have easy access to a parts diagram without flipping pages using my dirty hands.


One thing that I would love, although it would require the facial recognition ability that Google says is verboten, is an application that could match names to faces. There have been so many times when I have met someone who I spoke to at a previous meeting and couldn’t recall their name. If Glass become so ubiquitous that they are acceptable to be work constantly, it could greatly reduce the number of people I struggle to call by name.


It all depends on the apps that are developed and whether an enterprise considers their use worth whatever security concerns they may have about Google Glass.


Here's an article about a company that's developing enterprise apps for Glass.



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