Jun 18, 2013

How to fix "spin count exceeded (tokenLck) possible deadlock" error on ESXi 3.5 running in VMWare Workstation 6.5

Hi, I'm a new comer of cloud computing. I want to build a private cloud (small) for research purpose. I have never been used cloud features. I choose ESXi 3.5 server for my host. I try to install ESX server on VMWare Workstation 6.5 for testing purpose. Installation was successful but while rebooting the server, I found the error " Spin count exceeded (tokenLck) possible deadlock". I arranged the ESXi VM with 2736 MB memory, 50 GB HD (SCSI) and also chose "other Linux 2.4 X Kernel 64 bit". I run VMWare Workstation 6,5 on Windows 7. ,Laptop is Lenovo Z480 intel core i5. Give me advice please. If ESXi 3.5 is not possible, advice me which cloud platform OS (eg. Ubuntu or something) can go well. Thanks in advance.


"Commit your redo logs before their size exceeds 1GB.

If your machine has already stopped responding due to this problem, perform an offline commit of the redo log before restarting the affected virtual machine after the next host power on.

Warning: If you are using multiple redo logs, it might be impossible to determine which redo log caused the system to stop responding.

Note: This issue is fixed in ESX Server 3.0.1."
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