Jun 17, 2013

Nike Fuelband or Fitbit Flex?

I’m trying to get in a little better shape for the summer, and thought about giving one of the new wearable fitness trackers a try. There may be others out there, but the only ones I’ve heard much about are the Nike Fuelband and Fitbit Flex. Does one have any real advantage over the other, or does the difference really just come down to brand and price?

I'd check the ratings in your app store. You may find user reviews and comments that might shed some light on the differences between the two. And you may also find other alternatives that could work better for you.

One important difference is the Fitbit is water resistant, while the Fuelband is not. You probably wouldn’t want to go diving or anything wearing the Fitbit, since I think it is only ok down to 10m, but it should be safer when you are swimming at the pool or other hanging out at the beach. One positive for the Fuelband though is recharging can be done using a USB port, while you have to keep track of a special charger for the FitBit. Since you only have to charge this isn't a huge deal, but it is one more thing to keep track of...and potentially lose.  

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