Jun 15, 2013

How to create a bootable disc

i have windows 7 operating disc original
i want to create another one bootable how can i do so
i have already copied the total files to hard disc
now what to do
plese guide me step by step
This article might be useful:

Make a Windows 7 Recovery Boot Disk

"Do you need to make a Windows 7 recovery boot disk? Yes. It is essential for techs and end-users to have access to Windows 7 recovery options if it fails to boot. While most techs will have a full install disk, many users will not. In fact, many users don’t have any recovery disks, as they have purchased a new computer with Windows 7 pre-installed. That is why this disk is important. If Windows fails to load, you will need some way of booting into a mode that will give you options to load a restore point, run diagnostics or automatically repair issues you are having with start-up. This disk will not reload your Operating System, so users are still encouraged to burn recovery disks as instructed by the PC manufacturer."
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