Jun 27, 2011

How fast is my cpu?

I miss the old days when it was easy to pick out that a Pentium 3 at 300mhz was faster than a Pentium 2 at 200mhz or a Pentium 1 at 75mhz. When Intel and AMD moved to new naming system, it made it impossible to compare chips to determine what pc is faster. Any suggestions for helping me make better purchasing decisions?


If you are looking to buy a business laptop/desktop I suggest Intel i7 or i5 - i3 is also advisable and if you are looking for a gaming computer its better you opt for Intel i7 or AMD's new Bulldozer-based FX processor.


Sandeep Seeram


Well, Intel offers a page that explains the speeds of their various CPUs:


"To help you find the processor that best suits your needs, Intel has assigned each processor between one and five stars. Processors with more stars have greater features and increased capabilities. "

You might also try googling for "fastest cpu 2012" or whatever year you happen to be in. You're bound to find some reviews and ratings. That will at least give you a start on finding a CPU that is fast enough to meet your needs.


Want a quick and simple way to find out how fast a computer runs? Go to Start, right-click on Computer, and select Properties. Windows 7 should show you a rating. The base score is the lowest of the scores given for CPU, RAM, Graphics, and Hard Disk performance. Usually the rating is weighed down by your video card's performance. A "3" is ok, but a "5" is better.


A good place to check before buying any desktop pc or notebook computer is www.passmark.com. You may need to also check on the vendor’s website to get the exact model number of cpu used, but then plug that number into the search engine on the passmark site, and they’ll show you how well that cpu fares against others. Their charts can even be used to help comparison shop – if you find one that is a little faster, google it and see if a model using that one is in your price range.

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