Jun 14, 2013

What do you think about iOS 7?

I know it’s still early, and iOS 7 may see some changes before its public release, but what did you think? Too predictable, very innovative, or somewhere in between? And how about those icons?


BTW, if you have a Kindle there's already an unofficial Guide to iOS 7 available. Here's a description:

"iOS 7 will be launching during the fall of 2013 and we recently got to see a preview of what is to come at this year’s World Wide Developer Conference. Apple has made a massive change in it’s design aesthetic with iOS 7, it departs completely from the design you are currently familiar with in iOS 6 yet at the same time it is immediately familiar. You will be surprised at how comfortable you are using the new interfaces even though at first glance they seem world’s apart. Let’s get right to by starting with an overview of where iOS stands at this moment."


According to the picture I found through the Internet, I thought it is beautiful and many functions have been added, so I am looking forward to the official version release in the fall.


As you said, it is still in beta. In light of the derision with which the icons have been met, I strongly suspect there will be some cosmetic changes.

I'm sure it will change as development progresses. Betas are just that, betas. So hopefully it will be released by the fall, and then we can see what the final product looks like. It's sure to be on whatever new iOS devices come out around then too. So if you are going to upgrade your device, you'll probably get it included.
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