Jun 14, 2013

Getting in to IT, what should I do?

I am currently in sales and I need to change careers. I want a career that I enjoy with opportunities for advancement and growth. I want to earn more money, but I don't want to be miserable.


I've done some programing and I don't think that I'm good at it. I've also done some trouble shooting over the phone and I know I hate that.

I'm torn between a database design path or a network security path in IT.

I could do a network security or information systems specialst course at a private college in about 1 year for 5 to $7,000.

Or I could go to a local community college and take a two year program and specialize in network design for a total of 8 - $10,000.


Private colleges seem much more flexible in terms of completion time (a year or less) and the hours in which they offer courses.  So Im tempted to go with a short Netowrk Security course to get me in to the industry.

Which career path is more lucrative? Which would be more enjoyable career wise?  What should I do?

You might want to check Simply Hired, Monster.com and other job sites to see what IT positions are in demand. You can see what employers are looking for in terms of education and experience, and you may also be able to see salary ranges.

Check glassdoor.com for reviews of individual companies, that might be of help to you as well.
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