Jun 13, 2013

How do you use Facebook and Twitter differently to promote your business?

I’ve been a Facebook user for many years now. I’m somewhat familiar with the concept of Tweeting - it’s like posting to the news feed on Facebook.

I haven’t bothered to create a Twitter account for myself as I find myself distracted enough with Facebook. What exactly does one gain from having one over the other, or both? I run a small business so any insight on how to use Twitter to build my customer base would be appreciated.

Here's an article that looks at some of the differences between Facebook and Twitter.

What is the Difference Between Twitter and Facebook?

"Social medial is at the heart of every person's online life today. It is also an important part of daily life for businesses. If you are exploring the world of social media for the first time, all of the different options can seem a bit confusing. The most asked question that people seem to have, however, is what the difference is between Twitter and Facebook. The simple answer? Everything. However, it isn't really that cut-and-dry. Here are some major differences that prove just how essential it is for you to use both of these platforms to reach out to your audience."

To the untrained eye, both social media platforms seem very similar. It boils down to a few key differences in how you connect to others and how you post.


Twitter uses a 140 character limit for tweeting. Ideas are more refined, much like a simple elevator pitch you would use to describe the services or products offered by your business. You also connect differently by following people rather than establishing a ‘friendship status’ with others on the network. Twitter doesn’t offer the same kind of privacy controlling that Facebook does so a correctly tagged (the # or hashtag) symbol is used to populate your tweet on corresponding pages on the network. Your profile is also public and the only real way to privatize is by selecting the option to Protect my Tweets in user settings.


You are able to see the tweets of people you follow. They do not see the tweets you post unless by chance you included a hashtag for a topic and the person happens to see it when searching for that exact topic. To gain followers, or people that will see your every tweet while logged into Twitter, you accomplish this by either a.) asking someone to follow you (e.g. if you have a website for your business, ask people to follow your Twitter account and include a link) or b.) charm people into following you with clever (and relevant) tweets that include appropriate hashtags so that your tweets appear with a correlating subject. You can also target people by adjoining an @ symbol to a person’s username so that your tweet is visible to that individual.


Interestingly enough, Facebook just added hashtag functionality to their service as well. This will make it possible to make posts to your news feed that will also populate in other areas of the site corresponding to the included hashtag.



These are my opinions; I have no data to back them up. But...

There's a deeper level of engagement on Facebook, though I'm honestly not sure how much deeper when we're talking about a business-customer relationship. But Twitter is a great information hose (a large percentage of tweets have links) and the "what I ate for lunch" criticism is overdone. Also, you certainly can engage people on the microblogging service.

As far as using Twitter to build a customer base, just start following people who are part of your target audience. A certain percentage will follow back. Then just be moderately active, and add value. You don't have to go crazy with it.

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