Jun 13, 2013

How to fix YouTube error on Nexus 7?

Lately it seems that everytime I try to watch YouTube on my Nexus 7 Android tablet, I eventually get an error message saying, "There was a problem playing. Touch to retry." My WiFi can be dodgy at home, so I took it into the office today to see if that was the issue. Nope, even with a screaming fast WiFi connection, I got the same message. Does anyone know if this is a Nexus 7 issue or a YouTube issue, or even better, how to resolve it?

You may want to check the Nexus 7 help site:


It is a know issue. Direct from Google:

We are currently working on an update for the Android YouTube app v2.1.6 to resolve this issue.


As a temporary workaround, some users have found that rebooting the phone (turning it off, taking out the battery, reinserting and turning the phone back on) fixes this problem and videos begin playing normally again. Or, you can also use our mobile website (m.youtube.com) until the update is released. Thanks for your patience.

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