Jun 13, 2013

One system to rule them all - from Sony?

Ok, to be honest, I was not expecting all that much from Sony at E3. After all, they had already leaked some info about the PS4, and everything indicated that the hardware would be a variation on a theme when compared to the XBox One. The Wii U is really in a different category than those two machines, offsetting it’s lower powered hardware with innovative controls and a stellar IP library. So I thought, ok, Wii U for Nintendo/Zelda/Mario fans and families, XBox One and PS4 for “hard core” games, with it coming down to whether you prefer Halo or God of War. Then PS4’s $399 price was announced. Boom! That’s right...$100 less than the XBox One and only $50 more than the Wii U. Should Microsoft and Nintendo just pack up and go home at this point? Perhaps that is being a touch glib, but how do they respond?

Bold move on Sony's part that will probably help them in the short term. But longer term the other guys will cut their prices, and they'll probably end up around the same price. But the cheaper price will help early adopters a little bit.

I think what we just saw was that Microsoft and Nintendo are going to be announcing price cuts. Soon. Honestly, if I had to rank my preferred systems, it would probably be Nintendo (love me some Zelda and Metroid), Microsoft (love me some Halo), then Sony. But with the PS4 at the $400 price point AND the ability to play used games AND no daily internet connection requirement, you would have to be soft in the head not to go with the Sony. I don’t love Halo that much.

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