Jun 13, 2013

Could the end of support for Windows XP revive the PC market?

I recently read a statistic that nearly 50% of business still use Windows XP. Obviously, “upgrading” is a significant expense that many companies have avoided to this point. However, all support for XP ends in April 2014, so they will be forced into it. We’ve all heard a lot about the significant drop in PC sales and the relative unenthusiasm for Windows 8. However, with no other obvious option, this seems to be an event that will drive significant software and hardware sales. What do you think - will the death of XP revive Windows 8 and the PC?

I agree with Christopher. Mobile is where it's at right now, and the decline and fall of Windows XP isn't going to change that. Companies will continue to have people using mobile devices that don't even run Windows more and more.
The short answer is no. While there likely always will be some demand for PCs, we're rapidly moving toward a mobile-dominated world. There's simply no un-ringing the mobile bell.

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