Jun 13, 2013

How do I get my iPhone to store all my passwords

I am horrible w remembering all of my passwords. Is it possible to get my phone to store them for yahoo, find my phone etc
You might want to check the app store to see if there's an app that will store some or all of your passwords. I'm not sure if such an app exists, but some searching in the app store might turn up something useful.

Not possible for Find My iPhone due to security reasons. The rest ofyour passwords are automatically saved if you used the official dedicated app. For isntance, use the Yahoo mail iOS app and log in once. You would not need to log in again. 


Since iOS 6, you no longer need to enter your password when updating or installing apps on your iPhone once you enter it the first time. This is valid per session - i.e. if you turn off and on your iPhone, you'd need to enter your AppStore password again. 

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