Jun 11, 2013

How to invert the colors on an Android device for nighttime use?

I like to read in bed on my Nexus 7 tablet, and to a lesser degree my phone. Problem is that the light from the display annoys my girlfriend and keeps her from falling asleep, and if I turn the brightness down, it becomes hard to read. How do you switch it so that the background would be black and the text white for nighttime reading?

Almost all readers have a night time mode these days. Check the settings in your ereader app. The Kindle app definitely has one, and I'm sure most others do too. The text will be white, with a black background usually. It throws off much less light than a day time theme.

Some e-reader apps will have a setting that allows you to do that within the app. You didn’t mention what version of Android your phone is, but with Android 4.0+ you can open your browser and go to SETTINGS>ACCESSABILITY. There is an option to check Inverted Rendering; do so and it will display the text white on a black background. It may save some battery life as well. 

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