Jun 10, 2013

Is online grocery shopping a viable way to shop for food and other items?

I am a fan of nutritious eating and practice such by consuming the most natural foods I can. I see GMOs as a plague in American society and feel as though Monsanto is a hindrance to a healthy lifestyle.

Amazon is in the midst of boosting the AmazonFresh online grocery service but I’m not sure if this would be advantageous to myself or family as I’m not too sure how it works. So how does this service work? Are there other sites that do the same? Can I search specifically for organic (or at least non GMO) items?


It's not quite the same as AmazonFresh, but Amazon does have an organic food section on its site too. 

Amazon Organic Foods


As AmazonFresh is currently limited to two locations - Seatlle and LA - they are able to sell items from some local markets, like those with a “green” ethics, to residence of those areas. I placed an order of tilapia for a weekend dinner from Pike Place Market one day when I didn’t feel like dealing with the traffic on I5 and it arrived just fine. I assume they will be doing for every area as the service expands.


A new service from mySupermarket is similar but doesn’t quite take local market into consideration. They make use of major distributors like Walmart, Target, Costco and more. So if you’re on board to boycott the Koch Brothers like other vigilant shoppers, I would avoid mySupermarket unless they begin to take more of AmazonFresh approach. 


I am not convince in purchasing perishable foods like meat of vegetable online, I am not so sure where and what process their products came from. You can never can tell that these products maybe be a process of genetically engineered. I maybe into buying apparel and other stuff online but not the fresh foods which I thought there is no other freshness you can get other than buying them at wet market or the usual perishable store you know. I wouldn't risk my life for the food I am not sure if GMO processed or not. http://www.shoppingformen.com.au/

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