Jun 07, 2013

Does it make sense for BlackBerry to release BBM for iOS and Android?

While I have long since moved on from my BlackBerry days, I do remember BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) pretty fondly. There has been talk of BlackBerry releasing BBM for iOS and Android devices. While I pretty much always consider more choice to be better from a consumer perspective, I have to wonder if BlackBerry is shooting themselves in the foot by making one of the signature features of their platform available on competing platforms. Good move or bad move on their part?

Seems rather pointless to me, I think Blackberry is doomed. But if they want to release it, whatever floats their boat. I don't think many people will notice or care though.

It won’t be free. Considering the companies current dismal state in the US, I don’t see how it could hurt sales much, after all taking a little away from a little still leaves you with a little. Now that IT has been supporting iOS and Android for a few years, I doubt there is a huge amount of unmet demand for BBM.  

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