Jun 07, 2013

How to compress a drive using NTFS on Windows 8?

How do you use NTFS compression on a drive in Windows 8?

See this article:

How to Use NTFS Compression and When You Might Want To

"The NTFS file system used by Windows has a built-in compression feature known as NTFS compression. With a few clicks, you can compress files, making them take up less space on your hard drive. Best of all, you can still access the files normally.

Using NTFS compression involves a trade-off between CPU time and disk activity. Compression will work better in certain types of situations and with certain types of files."

Log in using your admin account, then open File Explorer and go to the Desktop. Right click the drive you want to compress (displayed on left side of screen)>Properties>General>Compress This Drive to Save Disk Space>OK. Be prepared to wait, it can take Windows a long time to compress a drive.

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