Jun 05, 2013

How to protect and lock a PDF with password before sending through email?

Is there any way to password protect and lock a sensitive PDF file before sending as an attachment through email? I cannot afford Adobe acrobat pro and free primopdf didn’t work for me as well. Any help will be appreciated!

6 days ago
How can I get my password to pdf
Need help go to my email need PDF password
If you have Mac, you can use the built-in app called 'Preview' to password protect your PDF documents. But unfortunately, there aren't much alternatives available for the Windows users. You have to rely on tools like Adobe Acrobat which is amazing and handles PDF documents like no other tool can do but expensive at the same time or this tiny utility which can be also used to protect/lock PDF's with two different passwords: http://tiny.cc/encrypt-pdf

P.s. My colleagues and I using this utility to password protect our PDF's from a long time.
Try this third party software to protect PDF files before sending through email. https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Restrict-Adobe-PDF-File-2daecff0
With PDFEncrypt https://tr.im/EncryptPDF protect a PDF with both user/open and owner password protection.

You do not have to worry about having Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat because it work without Adobe Reader and Acrobat.
Password does not work well since people can pass it around without your knowledge. A more simple and effective way is put a watermark on the attachment. I use this DodoShare secure email attachment gmail plugin and it takes care of it for me. Give it a try.
In order to password protect a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat:

1. Click ‘File’ which is on the top horizontal toolbar.
2. Select ‘open’ by scrolling down the drop-down list.
3. With the help of the browser window, password-protect the file that you wish to select.
4. Go to the ‘Security’ tab in the properties dialogue box.
5. Select ‘Password Security’ in the top drop-down box instead of ‘No Security’.

Source : https://passwordprotectpdffile.com/how-to-password-protect-pdf-files/
how do i lock my pdf file so as the recipient does not open to view
You can try Adobe Acrobat Pro tool to lock your PDF files with password protection. Adobe Acrobat Pro has a built-in feature to lock PDF files as well as apply security restriction on them. For a detailed information on this topic, you can read this blog post: http://wordpress.semnaitik.com/2015/07/21/password-protect-pdf/

Hope the shared information would be useful.

Thanks and best regards.
I was stuck in a fairly similar situation. I was also looking for something to password-protect my PDF document that I wanted to share with a small group of people. The tutorial/guide http://www.mypdfsolutions.com/how-to-protect-lock-pdf-file.html mentioned by the user "hancockt" helped me password-protect my pdf document. This small utility is very useful. I wasn't willing to buy Acrobat for this small task.

Note: One should encrypt PDF file with both open and permission password because there are many tools available on the internet to remove permission password.

Recommend to use sfletter.com. It is a free email service with an option to protect PDF and JPEG files.


I would not recommend online services in case if you want to password-protect your sensitive or confidential PDF files from reading as it would not be a smart thing to upload your sensitive PDF files over these unknown third-party servers.


if you have Microsoft Word 2013, follow the procedure on



i am using a free file encryption Prot-On, encrypt and decide who and when can access your documents.


You can try it http://www.prot-on.com


You can try PDF unlocker software will help to unlock sensitive PDF File restriction.


Visit more information: http://www.adobe.pdf-unlocker.com/




Can you please share your soluton. As i am also trying to make PDF password protected in SAP.


Please share you solution if it can help me ..


thanking you in advance.

This article might be of use to you:

How to Lock PDF Files

I would like to add one more thing, one should protect PDF file with user or open as owner password is pretty much easy to crack.  


You can ZIP the PDF file and protect the ZIP file. You can also try programs like NitroPDF and PDF Encrypt ( http://www.mypdfsolutions.com/how-to-protect-lock-pdf-file.html ) to set the password protection to your PDF file without Acrobat.


Sorry for the delayed responce. Well it did the job for me. Program is good and it can password protect and lock a PDF file. Hope it's a strong protection which cannot be cracked. Thanks! 


Thanks mate, it is very useful.

You can use Adobe Acrobat IX to password protect PDFs if you use Outlook. Not sure if it will do the same for non-Office applications though.


Thanks for the reply!

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