Jun 04, 2013

XBox One or Playstation 4?

I know that they aren’t even out yet, but the release of a new generation of consoles only happens about once a decade, so I feel like a kid picking out what he wants for Christmas. I’ve had both PlayStations and XBoxes of various generations, so I have zero brand loyalty. Based on what has been revealed, which is the superior system?


Okay I know you asked this before release, but now that they are both out I'd go PS4. 

Xbox is struggling on graphically on games and the excuse fans keep using is you can't see the difference between 720p or 1080p. Well these are the same people last gen that said they couldn't see the difference between DVD and Blu-ray. And why pay $100 more for a system that is already struggling graphically? 

Neither. I gave on consoles years ago. I generally just play on my phone or tablet. Tons of games and they are mostly inexpensive compared to console games.

The PS4 has slightly better specs, at least from the information released so far, but specs aren't what makes the system better or worse than others. Developers have to be able to actually use the capabilities of the system, and it remains to be seen how easy/hard these will be to work with. System architecture, 3rd party support, 1st party IP, controller design, etc. are all at least as important as the hardware specs. One thing I will weigh when looking at the XBox One and PS4 is ability to play used games. It sounds like the XBox is going to make you pay addional fees to play used titles, so that is a BIG strike against it for me. Hopefully Sony doesn't make the same decision. If they do, it may be that the only system of this generation at my house will be the Wii U.


I also show no allegiance to either console and further, tend to become quickly annoyed with fanboy rantings about the superiority of their chosen system. Basically, the hardware itself is nearly identical so the difference in the video and audio output between the consoles is almost negligible.


In this particular round of console wars, I’d say the Xbox has more appeal because of the new Kinect. The skeletal detection, self illumination and “Time of Flight” processing (a term coined by Microsoft that describes the ability to detect the amount of time it takes light to reach the sensor from an object for applications like detecting force) open the doors for a new kind of gaming experience beyond the capabilities provided by the old Kinect or any other gaming peripheral. Check it out here.



With that said, the PS4 does have some great features that you won’t find in the Xbox. The controller features a touchpad (kinda cool.) Also, if you have a PS Vita, you can play your games on the go, which the Xbox can’t do.

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