Jun 04, 2013

What kind of power adapter do you need to power a laptop in Japan?

I have a trip to Japan coming up later this summer (Yea!). For work (Boo!). I’ve been to Europe a number of times and have power adapters that fit British and German outlets, and since I live in the US, of course I have that plug covered. What do you need in Japan? Will any of these work, or do I need something else. Also, I may go to S. Korea as well; do they have the same type of outlets as Japan, or do I need to add yet another adapter to my growing collection?


Amazon has some laptop adaptors for Japan. See the link below.

Japanese Laptop Adaptors


Unlike European outlets, Japanese outlets look just like the standard 2-prong US outlet. However, the Japanese have a 100V system, whereas the US has a 120V system. Most electically powered items can handle voltage that is not precisely what is specified, but I'm not sure wether this will cause problems for some things like laptops and tablets. I just looked at my smartphone's charger and laptop transformer since they were within reach, and both list ratings for 100V-240V input, so I would think either would work fine in Japan. I suggest you check all of your power supplies and make sure they are rated for 100V input, and you will probably be ok. I'm not sure about Korea though!

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