May 31, 2013

Corrupt Lotus Notes file

Plz help me for corrupted lotus notes file. My Lotus notes file is corrupted when i convert my lotus notes file into Outlook file.


Due to corruption of NSF file all your Lotus Notes Database becomes inaccessible. In such situation you can restore the Lotus Notes from a backup but, if you do not have any backup then, you need a Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox. This tool efficiently scans the corrupt NSF file to recover your vital data with the use of advanced and indigenous algorithms.



Here's a good primer on how to recover corrupted Lotus Notes files.


Basically, though, if you need to recover corrupted files -- and assuming you don't have a backup -- you need an NSF file recovery tool.


I've also read that if you "rename the file then force a replication from a known good server," it will rebuild the indexes -- provided the file isn't too corrupted.



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