May 30, 2013

How to recover deleted conversation on Facebook?

Is it possible to recover deleted chat history on Facebook? A buddy and I have a disagreement about a conversation we had a few weeks ago, and I would love to be able to prove exactly what each of us said.

How do I rexover my deleted cha????t
try this article this will help regarding recover messages. found on internet.
How to recover deleted conversation on Facebook?

I just asked "why is there no recycle bin for deleted conversation ? ." in Facebook's Community Forum. Can you guys help me? vote my question and ask your friends to vote it. lets see if facebook can provide us with a soloution . thanks

Facebook says no:

"No, deleting a message permanently removes it from your inbox. If you want to hide a message from your inbox, but not delete it, you can archive it."

Sir can you tell me a way how to delete the entire conversation from both ends by myself, i know that i can delete the conversation from my inbox and i deleted it but i just want to know how to delete it from other end by myself because that guy may not delete it. So please help me and give a good solution because i need it badly please.


Generally no, you can't recover something you have deleted, but many people actually archive things in Facebook by mistake instead of actually deleting them. Just type your buddy’s name in the search box, and I think it will show your archived conversations if they exist. You can also check by selecting the MORE drop-down under messages, then selecting ARCHIVED.

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